Bachelor´s programmes

  • Biophysical Chemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry of Conservation - Restoration
  • Analytical Chemist - Analytical Laboratory Manager
  • Education Oriented Chemistry

Master´s programmes

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Chemistry of Conservation - Restoration
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Structural Chemistry
  • Education Oriented Chemistry


Doctoral Study Programme


Recognition of subjects

    If you want to apply for recognition of any subjects from your previous study, do it by means of the electronic application in IS. In case of subjects undertaken during studies at a different university, you have to submit an officially certified extract of completed subjects including their hour extent, manner of completion and the achieved classification grade. Subjects completed with grades D, E and subjects completed at second resit usually are not recognized.

Independent study projects

    Independent study project is a suitable way for students to acquaint themselves with topic to which they would like to dedicate their bachelor’s thesis. Continuously updated range of topics is available in IS in the following packets: Chemistry Independent Study Projects, Chemistry of Conservation-Restoration Independent Study Projects and Chemistry of Environment Independent Study Projects. Subjects C5000 and C6000 cannot be enrolled in simultaneously with subjects Bachelor’s Thesis or Master’s Thesis I – IV.

     Before your enrolment in subject C5000 or C6000, consult it with teacher who has come up with the given topic in packet Chemistry Independent Study Projects, Chemistry of Conservation-Restoration Independent Study Projects or Chemistry of Environment Independent Study Projects. During the subjects-enrolment period, apply by means of IS for an exception (approval of enrolment) and state in your application the name of teacher with who you have agreed on the project. Credit will be granted only if you publish results of your project by way of electronic publication, e.g. website, seminar or conference presentation, etc. You will learn specific details from the teacher.

Professional practice - C6960

     As part of studies at the MU Institute of Chemistry, students go through professional practice at a contracted partner workplace or at one chosen by themselves. The purpose of this practice is to get acquainted with operation of research chemical workplace, production plant or laboratory outside the Masaryk University. This practice takes 3 weeks and students here get acquainted with functioning of enterprise and with their potential employment in practice. Credit will be granted only if you hand in the Confirmation of Practice, elaborated and signed by organization where practice takes place – it must be handed at the Institute of Chemistry secretariat to Markéta Koželouhová or doc. Ing. Vladimír Šindelář, Ph.D. Credit for professional practice is granted by doc. Šindelář. Practice is arranged by students themselves or can be arranged for them at a partner workplace. Students who need help with arrangement of practice at a partner workplace should contact doc. Šindelář. Where necessary, students can use the Professional Practice Arrangement Contract. Each student arranges the conclusion of the Professional Practice Arrangement Contract individually at the Dean’s Secretariat – with Mrs. Irena Pakostová.