The overall objective of the bachelor´s Chemistry programme is to provide the fundamental scientific background and practical training for students as they prepare for chemistry-related careers or advanced study in fields including the traditional chemical specialties (for example in a Master’s degree programme). The graduates have basic chemical knowledges and they have problem-solving abilities in the fundamental chemical disciplines (analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry). The Chemistry programme offers three study plans, which share a coherent core of common courses in general, physical, inorganic, organic, and analytical chemistry. Based on their preferences, the students may choose to focus their studies on the development of knowledge and skills required in quality assurance and control in analytical laboratories (specialty Analytical Chemist - Manager of Chemical Laboratory) or deep understanding of interdisciplinary phenomena from biology, physics, and chemistry (specialty Biophysical Chemistry), or to be acquainted with a broad range of interdisciplinary and applied chemistry topics according to a one-field study plan.

Chemistry (full-time studies in czech)

specialty - Analytical Chemist - Manager of Chemical Laboratory (full-time studies in czech)

specialty - Biophysical Chemistry (full-time studies in czech)


   The main goal of the bachelor´s study programme Chemistry and Technology of Materials for Conservation - Restoration is to educate academically prepared experts-chemists who will be able to assist in all aspects of the care for objects of the cultural heritage and as well as to their preservation. Museums, galleries, archives, and other institutions, having care for collecting and protecting of monuments, need plenty of experts, including specialists just in the field of technologies and materials used for conservation-restoration.

Chemistry and Technology of Materials for Conservation - Restoration (full-time studies in czech)


   The aim of the study field Chemistry for Education and the follow-up study field Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Chemistry is to prepare future chemistry teachers at lower secondary schools including lower grades of grammar schools. The study field Chemistry with a focus on education is primarily focused on creating professional, pedagogical, psychological, communication and other similar personal competences of students as a precursor to the follow-up Master's study of the study field Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Chemistry.

Chemistry for Education - combined studies (full-time studies in czech)



   The goal of the master´s study programme Chemistry is to prepare graduates who have good theoretical knowledge and practical skills gained mainly through the completion of a Master's thesis research project in the chosen specialty area. The education in this programme deepens the knowledge and skills gained in the fundamental chemistry courses at the bachelor's level. The Master's programme curriculum contains common courses which provide an overview of separation and spectroscopic methods of chemical research in connection with the electronic structure of matter. Students may choose one of seven specialty areas, which provide them with specific skills through a sequence of mandatory and elective courses. The Master's programme prepares students for independent research work and expert activities in academia and production sectors and quality control units in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.


Analytical Chemistry (full-time studies in czech)

Biophysical Chemistry (full-time studies in czech)

Inorganic Chemistry (full-time studies in czech)

Material Chemistry (full-time studies in czech)

Organic Chemistry (full-time studies in czech)

Physical Chemistry (full-time studies in czech)

Structural Chemistry (full-time studies in czech)


   The Master study programme Chemistry and Technology of Materials for Conservation - Restoration prepares academically educated experts, who, in the scope of their study, develop their knowledge in natural sciences (especially chemistry) and deepen knowledge and skills regarding materials, ways and methods of conservation-restoration of objects made from inorganic and organic materials. This approach is realized predominantly on model samples, not on real objects of cultural heritage. The study is focused mainly on theoretical and practical acquiring of more advanced methods, on material exploration an techniques and methods used in the field of conservation-restoration.

Chemistry and Technology of Materials for Conservation - Restoration (full-time studies in czech)


   The Upper Secondary Teacher Training in Chemistry follow-up Master's study programme of Physics, double-subject is a follow-up of the Bachelor's study programme of Chemistry. Graduates will become fully qualified teachers of chemistry at secondary schools. The goal of the study is to deepen their knowledge of specific chemical disciplines. Each student chooses courses according to their interests and relevant to the topic of their Master's thesis. Specific courses of pedagogy and didactics of Chemistry together with several practical training courses at secondary schools prepare students for their career as chemistry teachers at upper secondary schools.

Upper Secondary School Teacher Training in Chemistry (full-time studies in czech)



   The doctoral study programme of Chemistry aims at training highly skilled specialists in five specialization fields of study - analytical, inorganic, physical, materials, and organic chemistry. Training of doctoral students is carried out at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and is based on scientific research and independent creative activity in selected fields and areas of research or development.

Chemistry - doctoral studies