Bachelor´s degree field

Biophysical Chemistry

is an interdisciplinary field of study focused on general training of students in foundations of chemical, physical and biological disciplines. This bachelor’s degree field of study, which comes under the Chemistry study program, is intended for students who wish to get the knack of the nature of biological processes by means of physical chemistry. In other words, this field of study helps to develop physico-chemical approach to biological sciences, to bring a certain order into a huge quantity of knowledge about living systems and to rationalize various biological phenomena and processes. It is intended for students who wish to learn about physico-chemical rules of natural phenomena and to clarify their nature. Another benefit of biophysical chemistry is the fact that students see usefulness and power of physical chemistry in application fields which are close to natural science branches (medical science, pharmacy, environment, food industry and agriculture technologies). The question how the contents of biophysical chemistry differ from biophysics and biochemistry fields of study may be answered simply in the following way: students of biophysics concentrate especially on physical qualities of biological systems, while students of biochemistry deal with physical chemistry only marginally during their studies.