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High school students who would like to learn more about chemistry studies at the MU Faculty of Science and research topics can take part in the three-day informational-meeting event Days of Chemistry (Dny chemie). Participants will attend an introductory informational lecture on MU, Faculty of Science, organisation and subjects of study; high school students then can see teaching premises, teaching and research laboratories and are acquainted with range of expertise of individual research teams. Participants can also try out simple chemical preparations and define products of reactions by means of various physico-chemical methods. The event also offers a set of impressive demonstration experiments. For non-resident participants we arrange free accommodation during the whole event. Letter of invitation including plan of the event is published in advance at the website of the OP VK “Innovation of Chemistry Education” project at the MU Faculty of Science as well as websites of the Faculty of Science and the Department of Chemistry.

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     Since 2010, in cooperation with the National Centre for Biomolecular Research, we have been organizing the ViBuCh correspondence seminar (Educational i-Course for Future Chemists). The seminar is intended for high school students interested in chemistry. Each year the seminar is dedicated to four topics from field of chemistry and biochemistry. The seminar itself is divided into two parts, while the first part, the correspondence one, takes place during the whole school year when study materials for individual topics and competition assignments are published in four stages at the website. Participants of the course send their solutions to the authors who correct and assess them. The other part of the course consists of a summer specialized workshop for the best participants of the correspondence part. During this week-long workshop, participants meet authors and can in practice try out laboratory work in which they have engaged theoretically so far.

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Department of Chemistry also regularly participates in the Masaryk University’s program “Partnership for Learning” whose aim is to develop a closer institutionalized cooperation between the Masaryk University and high schools in the Czech Republic and abroad. Researchers from the Department of Chemistry organize for students of partner high schools popularizing lectures, specialized seminars, demonstrations or laboratory practices which are impossible to be realized at high schools due to insufficient equipment. 



Department of Chemistry, in cooperation with the Lužánky Leisure Time Activity Centre, regularly organizes ten-day Summer Chemical Workshop for 14–17-year-old basic school and high school students interested in chemistry. This event takes the form of “city camp”, i.e. including accommodation for participants. The plan of the Summer Chemical Workshop usually consists of morning laboratory practices, afternoon expert activities (lectures, excursions) or relaxing activities (visit of rope centre, outdoor chemistry-themed games, etc.), in the evening there are lectures or, more frequently, games. During weekends, participants engage in all-day excursions/trips or daylong games.



Each year we join in the Doors Open Days organized at the MU Faculty of Science. Participants can attend a short lecture on studies of chemistry subjects, get information materials and they can also see the laboratories of the Department of Chemistry. Days of Chemistry usually take place in January, the term and plan of the event are published in advance at websited of the Faculty of Science and the Department of Chemistry.