The aim of master’s degree study program 

Analytical Chemistry

is to bring up specialists with high-level knowledge of classical and modern analytical methods. The basis of education in this study program includes knowledge of chemical disciplines: general, inorganic, organic, analytical, physical chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics and physics. This training is common to the chemistry field of study and represents a theoretical basis for following studies. It also provides students with basic practical skills for laboratory work. On this basis, further deepening subjects of the field of study are developed, focused on classical and modern methods of analytical chemistry, on treatment and analysis of various materials in compliance with principles of correct laboratory practice. These subjects belong to fields of organic analysis, separation methods, trace analysis, speciation analysis, bioanalytical and clinical diagnostics methods, chemical sensors, chemical structure, nuclear chemistry, analysis of solid substances, plasma spectrometry and lasers. Among expanded areas are information technologies, chemometrics, optimization and assessment of analytical methods including data processing. Apart from theoretical knowledge, also practical insights into modern analytical methods are expanded. 

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