The aim of master’s degree study program 

Physical Chemistry

is to bring up graduates with deep theoretical knowledge of classical physical chemistry (equilibrium, change of state) and modern physical chemistry (structure of molecules, quantum chemistry). The basis of education in this field of study includes knowledge of basic chemical, physical and mathematical disciplines: general and inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, mathematics and physics, but also special physico-chemical disciplines: chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, molecular symmetry, statistical thermodynamics, unbalanced systems and physico-chemical methods of molecule structure study (NMR, EPR, IR, NIR, UV/VIS, MS). This training sets up theoretical basis for further studies of graduates in practice and also provides graduates with practical skills from fields of information technologies, data processing and database data gaining. On this basis, further deepening subjects of the field of study are expanded: biophysical chemistry, electrode kinetics, applied thermodynamics, quantum organic chemistry, initiation of polymerization reactions, thermodynamics of phase equilibria, electric properties of molecules, materials chemistry of metals, molecular dynamics, physical organic chemometrics, chemical reactivity and structural analysis of biomolecules. In the last four terms of the study, students are allowed to specialize deeper in accordance with their chosen thesis specialization. Students thus deepen their practical skills of the above mentioned fields including the use of computer technology.