Graduates of master´s degree study

Macromolecular Chemistry

are skilled in theoretical foundations of all basic chemistry disciplines (especially organic, inorganic and physical chemistry) and are well informed in laboratory techniques of complete chemistry. They are also well versed in chemical literature, can find desired information in it also using computer methods in commercially available databases. They master thoroughly principles of synthesis of polymeric materials, mechanisms of their creation, use of catalysts thanks to deep theoretical knowledge of organic and physical chemistry. They can also consider relations between structure and physical properties a can find methods of their measuring. They master methods of kinetic measuring of polymeric reactions and their use for controlling of polymer structure. They are well versed in methods of stabilization of individual polymeric materials and understand principles leading to degradation or targeted degradation. They are well informed in methods using individual types of fillers which modify specific properties of polymers. They can select an appropriate processing technology for individual types of polymers and products. They master synthesis of polymers in practice, can analyze synthesized compounds both in terms of structure and physical properties. They can use chromatographic methods and physical methods to determine structure. They can measure UV / VIS, IČ, NMR spectra and evaluate MS. They are well versed in routine application of commercially available programs for quantum chemical calculations and chemical modeling, they can use them to predict or explain phenomena of structure of compounds. They can write a report about results of their work and they can present these results at a professional forum using modern computer presentation techniques.