Jaromíra Nováková: By choosing a chemistry study program at MU, you will definitely not go wrong

Jaromíra Nováková graduated with a master's degree in Analytical Chemistry under the supervision of prof. Preisler. The topic of her diploma thesis was capillary electrophoresis of Bacteriophage 812 proteins using MALDI MS. Currently, she works at the company TestLine Clinical Diagnostics s.r.o. in the international distribution of laboratory human and veterinary diagnostics, where she makes the most of her experience both from studying at the university and from her stay abroad in Great Britain. Read about her story.

11 Oct 2022 Alumni

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I graduated with a master's degree in Analytical Chemistry in 2004, where I focused on bioanalytical instrumentation, such as capillary electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, MALDI, and from the third year of my study, I worked on a diploma thesis under the guidance of prof. Jan Preisler, PhD., who had an incredible gift to motivate young promising scientists. The topic of the thesis was capillary electrophoresis of Bacteriophage 812 proteins using MALDI MS. I originally thought about studying biochemistry, but the composition of the experienced scientific team in analytical chemistry convinced me so much that I chose this chemistry field at the Department of chemistry. During my studies, I was most excited about the practical part, when each student is responsible for his chosen project, works in an excellently equipped laboratory with experienced scientists, and has all the support for successfully completing his studies.

After completing my master's degree, I briefly thought about further studying for a PhD, but I was more attracted by the idea of ​​the commercial sphere, so we traveled to Great Britain with the idea that I would find a job in the field of chemistry. The idea did not meet reality, especially when you travel "on your own" and have to find everything yourself. The beginnings were not easy at all because we first had to work on improving the English language if I wanted to stay and work in the territory of an English-speaking country that had just joined the EU that year.

A few months later, I got the opportunity to work in the science team at Imperial College. With my motherhood, work opportunities abroad changed, and I took refuge in the business sector for a few years. After returning back to the Czech Republic, I approached the studied field of chemistry again, but because of my children, I stayed closer to home. I got a job at Gumotex in Břeclav in the quality department, where I worked in materials engineering in the rubber and plastics industry. After the past few years of practice, I wanted to work closer to science again, and I went to my student city, Brno, where I got to the International Center for Clinical Research of the FNUSA Brno. Now I am engaged in the international distribution of laboratory human and veterinary diagnostics, which is widely used in microbiological and immunological laboratories, where I take advantage of the rich experience both from my studies at Masaryk University and from my stay abroad in Great Britain.

If I were to evaluate whether the decision to study the field of chemistry was the right one, I could say without hesitation that quality study preparation in this field offers countless directions. During the studies, the graduate has the opportunity to have knowledge of inorganic, analytical, physical, organic, macromolecular and nuclear chemistry and biochemistry, but should also be familiar with the basics of mathematics, physics, computer technology necessary for the performance of the future career. Practical laboratory experience is an integral part of studying chemistry, preparing students for future career choices such as industry, ecology, waste treatment, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, applications in nanotechnology, photography, payroll processing, and the textile industry.

By choosing the chemistry field at MU, you will definitely not go wrong😊

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