The Department of Chemistry offers service analyzes for internal and external users.

X-ray diffraction Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with a universal diffractometer Rigaku OD (Oxford Diffraction) XtaLAB Synergy-DW Custom. The set of instruments is suitable for solving 3-D structures of biomacromolecules and chemical "small" molecules.

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NMR Laboratory

Laboratory offers measuring on the three NMR spectrometers - FT-NMR spectrometers Bruker: Bruker AVANCE III 300 MHz, Bruker AVANCE III HD 500 MHz, and Bruker AVANCE NEO 500 MHz. Both spectrometers AVANCE III are equipped with a wideband BBFO probe, spectrometer AVANCE NEO is equipped with cryoprobe Prodigy.

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Mass spectrometric analyses

Laboratory provides the analyses at instrument Agilent 6224 Accurate-Mass TOF LC-MS with possible ionization of electrospray (ESI) or atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) and possible connection to liquid chromatography with UV detection.

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Gas porosimetry

The laboratory offers the analysis with a Quantachrome Autosorb iQ3 gas porosimeter.

The device enables the determination of specific surface area (BET) and pore size by measuring nitrogen sorption at 77 K and argon at 87 K. Furthermore, it enables the measurement of water vapor sorption at laboratory temperature.

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Thermal analysis

The laboratory provides thermal analysis with a Netzsch STA 449C – Jupiter device. The resulting gaseous substances can be analyzed using a Bruker Tensor 27 infrared spectrometer.

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