The Department of Chemistry offers a wide range of activities for high school students - lab exercises, excursions and lectures, Summer Chemical Camp, Chemistry Club, or Educational e-course for future chemists. 

Open Days

We get involved in the Open Days and Open Day held at the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University every year. Participants listen to lectures about the study and visit the laboratories of the Department of Chemistry.

Open Days are usually held in January and Open Day in September, the date and program of the event are published in advance on the website of the Faculty of Science.

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Days of Chemistry

Days of Chemistry, a three-day information and introduction event usually takes place at the beginning of September, is open to students interested in the study of chemistry.

The students listen to an introductory informational lecture about MU and the Faculty of Science, the study organization, and the study programs and visit the teaching and research laboratories, and learn about the research topics of our research groups. Participants can also try out preparations of simple chemical preparations and reaction products analyze using various physical and chemical methods. The program also includes a block of exciting demonstration experiments. We provide free accommodation for participants from outside Brno for the duration of the event.

The invitation with the program of the event is usually published on the websites of the MU Faculty of Science and the Department of Chemistry in advance.

Did you miss the program this year? We offer individual visits.

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ViBuCh – Educational e-course for future chemists

ViBuCh is a correspondence seminar in chemistry for high school students organized by students of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University.

Each year of the seminar is dedicated to four topics from the field of chemistry and biochemistry. The course itself is divided into two parts, the first correspondence part takes place during the entire school year, when study materials on individual topics are published on the website together with competition tasks in four stages. Participants send solutions of the tasks back to the authors, who correct and evaluate them. The second part of the course is a summer camp for the best participants of the correspondence part. During the one-week camp, the participants meet the authors and can practically try out work in the laboratory on the topic that they previously studied theoretically.

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High school scientific activities

High school scientific activities (SOČ) is a competition for high school students to experience how real science is done.

At our department, we regularly offer topics from various fields of chemistry. High school students will deepen their knowledge of the chosen topic, learn to work independently, and get to know our researchers and the university environment.

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Summer Chemistry Camp

The Department of Chemistry in cooperation with the Lužánky Leisure Center regularly organizes a ten-day Summer Chemistry Camp for secondary school students interested in chemistry between the ages of 14 and 17.

The event takes place in the form of a "city camp", i.e. including accommodation for the participants. The program of the Summer Chemical Camp usually includes lab exercises in the morning, a scholarly (lectures, excursions) or relaxation program (climbing center, outdoor games with a chemical topics, etc.) in the afternoon, lectures or, more often, games in the evening. On the weekend, all-day excursions/trips or games are organised for participants.

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Chemistry Club

The chemistry club is intended for highly motivated high school students who would like to try more challenging laboratory experiments in the chemistry laboratory. Participants will try out the preparation of a number of organic and inorganic substances with interesting properties (medicines, photochromic compounds, fluorescent dyes, etc.). Or they will try to isolate organic substances from natural sources and study them using various instrumental techniques commonly used in real research (nuclear magnetic resonance, infrared and UV/Vis spectroscopy, gas chromatography).

The club takes place on Friday afternoons once every 3 weeks at the Bohunice University Campus.

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Chemistry Café

The Chemistry Café is an informal meeting over a cup of good coffee on topics in chemistry or chemistry didactics. It is mainly intended for chemistry teachers in secondary and primary schools, but everyone who is interested in chemistry and chemistry education is welcome, e.g. chemistry teaching students. High school students interested in chemistry are also welcome.

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Excursions and lab exercises, demonstration experiments

We offer an excursion, lab exercises, popularization lectures, or demonstration experiments for secondary and primary school students. This is a one-day event arranged with a specific teacher tailored for primary and secondary school students at the Bohunice University Campus.

Interested secondary school teachers can contact Mgr. Jaromír Literák, Ph.D. The offered activities are free of charge.

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Lectures at secondary schools

We offer lectures by our scientists in the teaching of chemistry at secondary schools. The lecture lasts one lesson, will enliven the teaching of chemistry, provide students with direct contact with scientists and present currently solved or exciting topics.

Interested secondary school teachers can contact Mgr. Pavla Foltynova, Ph.D. The offered activities are free of charge.

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