Our research: Impact of secondary ice in a frozen NaCl freeze-concentrated solution on the extent of methylene blue aggregation

Lukáš Veselý and Radim Štůsek, led by Dominik Heger (principal investigator at the Department of Chemistry), performed this study in cooperation with the A-ESEM microscopy group of the Czech Academy of Sciences. They successfully connected microscopic images with spectroscopic data, which led to the first ever demonstration that the inner structure of the freeze-concentrated solution has a major influence on aggregation during freezing.

20 Mar 2024 Our research

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In this work the authors challaged a long standing theory, which assumed that the size of the ice crystals is the most important factor influencing the aggregation after freezing! This would not be possilble without close long-term collaboration of our research group with the ESEM group lead by Vilém Neděla.

Veselý, L.; Závacká, K.; Štůsek, R.; Olbert, M.; Neděla, V.; Shalaev, E.; Heger, D. Impact of Secondary Ice in a Frozen NaCl Freeze-Concentrated Solution on the Extent of Methylene Blue Aggregation. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2024, 650, 123691. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijpharm.2023.123691.

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